and so it begins…….

Hello to new readers, and old friends

This blog and website has been on the cards for so long!  I have thought about it, changed my mind back and forth so many times, thinking who on earth would want to read about me, and have finally decided to just bite the bullet and go for it!

This will be my go to place, along with my Facebook page and group, to show you all what I have been making, what I am experimenting with, but also to share a little bit more about me.

The internet can be a sad, lonely place, and I know many small business owners struggle with the daily grind of social media – there is such pressure to post QUICK, EXCITING, INNOVATIVE content (yes, i’m shouting that in a loud squeaky voice)  but sometimes people just want to be able to sit, with  a mug of tea, and a biscuit, and have a little read!

I won’t just be focusing on my crafts – I intend to showcase the works of some of the artists I greatly admire, give product reviews, and eventually offer some free tutorials and beginners embroidery patterns.  No doubt there will be regular appearances from Remy and Spock too!

To get things kicked off, I will show you a couple of my most recent makes – I have been combining my love of beads, with my love of embroidery, to create…….. you’ve guessed it!  Bead Embroidery!20180702_0749472018062807034934278604_807685602774501_373419222811803648_n

I am having so much fun with these at the moment!

Bye, bye for now!

Zoe xx

1 thought on “and so it begins…….”

  1. Oh I am so excited to follow you here!! 🙂 I’ll grab my cuppa and be ready for a peek into your goings on!! And Remy and Spock!! YES!! xoxo


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