Hello, and Welcome!

I’m Zoe – Chief Crafter (read, only crafter) of Athena Makes.

I have been crafting in many shapes and forms for most of my life.  I have dabbled in many different forms of crafting until I eventually found my niche (or niches).

I started making jewellery many years ago for myself as a rebellion to the mass produced, samey items that I saw everywhere.  Then I started getting requests from friends and family for specific items to match an outfit, or for a special occasion etc.  Along the way I started dabbling in sewing – this was very strange to me as I hadn’t picked up a needle since my school days where a disastrous incident with a sewing machine, and a cushion designed like a plate of food (don’t ask!) put me off sewing completely.

Much to my amazement, I discovered that I loved to sew!  and I could actually do it!  I still run away screaming from a sewing machine, but there is something so very settling and therapeutic about picking up a needle, thread and a bit of fabric, and turning it into something that people enjoy.  I hand embroider hoop art pictures, make an occasional mixed media piece, and have recently begun dabbling in bead embroidery – which combines my love of shiny beads, and my love of sewing.

I live in the centre of Derbyshire, where I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside.  I have a huge love of nature, and many of my creations depict animals and birds.  I have a particular love of woodland creatures!


I also have a huge love of mythology, and all things a little weird, so you might see a unicorn or a mermaid making an appearance too!

I am always strictly supervised in my work by the two loves of my life, my spaniel Remy, and my pug Spock.